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Right from QPC's inception and all through years, the company's main focus has been to provide the best quality services and products conforming to international standards at affordable prices. the company has an extensive range of pesticides and pest control products directly imported from leading manufacturers in UK/USA/Europe, suitable to combat all types of pest problems. In addition, QPC has the following:

A large number of fleet, specially designed service vehicles to transport pesticides and technicians safely.

Qualified and experienced Technical & Administrative Staff.

Our Technicians are well experienced in the safe and effective application of pesticides. They are trained under the British Pest Control Experts and hold British Pest Control Association Diploma Certificates. In addition, training by international experts keeps our service technicians posted about the latest pest control methods and our continuous in-house training sharpens their professional knowledge.

Chemical stores are specifically designed for the safe storage of chemicals per government requirements and are approved by fire, environment and preventive health Health Departments.

Considering the hazardous nature of the products and safety reason, our stores are divided in to three sections as under:-

Main store:

Chemicals Only

Stores for Safety items

Stores for pest control equipments and non-chemical products

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