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Dear Customers,


It gives me a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure to see and share the growth of Qatar Pest Control Company (QPC) in the face of highly competitive times through which Qatar's private sector is passing.


Globally wherever you travel, business community and media in general talk and discuss rapid economic growth in the State of Qatar and consider Qatar as one of the fast developing and growing countries in the world.


Acknowledging this situation, QPC attempts to provide quality services with excellent performance to its customers and is widely accredited by the people of Qatar. Instead of doing the same job routinely, we think, plan, act and react on a myriad of issues every day and ensure that our customers should feel that they get the best value for money.


Pest Control Services is our core business segment for more than three decades. QPC will continue its journey to the excellence in providing best services at economical prices without compromising our standard of quality workmanship and exceptional customer care.


Sheikh Khalid J. Al Thani

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