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The globally recognized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in pest control program combines the use of non-chemical methods with the prudent and minimal use of pesticides.


We adopt modern method utilizing eco-friendly pest control techniques for A pest free environment. In our IPM standard of services, pesticides are used only wherever necessary to achieve acceptable levels of control of pest populations.


In Integrated Pest Management program, our service begins with a comprehensive inspection of the premises for evaluating:-


  • Possible pest infestation and identification.

  • Level and source of infestation.

  • Conducive conditions for pest migration.

  • Required Pest proofing and prevention measures.

  • Plan for routine monitoring services and evaluation


Based on the above, a suitable remedial pest control solution is implemented, considering the following:-


  • Sanitation and Pest Proofing recommendations.

  • Plan & placement of monitoring stations and traps,

  • Routine monitoring inspections and essential service procedures.

  • Periodical inspection & recommendations by Entomologist for pest free environment.



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