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Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System

Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System

315٫00﷼ Regular Price
305٫00﷼Sale Price

How Exterra* Stations protect your home
All of us would like to think of “terminal” as the best way to describe a termite’s fate. Well by installing Exterra Stations around your home, a series of Termite Terminals, you are assured that termites will be eliminated and your home continually and safely protected.


The Elite method
The Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System offers an elite standard in termite management. It is certainly long term, effective, family-safe and environmentally responsible termite management, utilising Exterra In-ground Stations with Focus Termite Attractant.

What's Focus? Termite Attractant?
Focus Termite Attractant is a natural, non-toxic, food based additive that is added to the Exterra Station. Once in contact with the soil it works with soil micro-organisms to slowly release a small, precisely determined amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the soil.


Termites love CO2
It might not be a gourmet meal to us, but minute levels of CO2 certainly attract termites. University research has proved it. Termites are attracted to levels of CO2 that mimic those naturally given off by both rotting wood and termite nests, so the CO2 in the soil directs termites to potential feeding sites. The Focus Termite Attractant in your Exterra Station is doing its job, by naturally directing the termites to an Exterra Station and not your home.


Exterra Benefits

  • Unique Termite Interception Zone protects your home.
  • Focus Termite Attractant draws termites into the Exterra Station.
  • Larger Station intercepts termites better.
  • Preferred eucalypt timbers ensure termites enter Stations.
  • Quality Controlled System and Operators with barcoded Stations.
  • Safe for you, your pets and the environment.
  • Eliminates the Termite Colony.
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